Podcast|May 21, 2021

Episode 20: Tendinopathy 101 with Jill Cook




Jill cook

Jill Cook

Jill Cook is a world renowned researcher & clinician in tendinopathy having delivered lectures and seminars across the globe on the latest in rehabilitation and evidence for new models for use in rehabilitation and explaining the background pathology surrounding tendons.


Tendinopathy 101

Today on the podcast we’re joined by the world renowned Jill Cook – an expert and leader in tendinopathy rehabilitation and research! We cover the basics that you should look out for – what’s important in your screening and why exercise prescription is far and away the biggest aspect to successful rehabilitation for your patient – but make sure you’re really rehabbing a tendon and not misdiagnosing! This can have potentially huge implications for both your patient and their rehabilitation! Tendinopathy is, in Jill’s opinion, far less common than you’d think! Tune in as we take a deep dive into educating your patients and your clinical practise!


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