Podcast|May 20, 2021

Episode 15: Hamstrings & Research




Ryan timmins

Ryan Timmins

Ryan Timmins is a researcher specialising in hamstring injuries & sports medicine. His research pertains to sports related rehabilitation and long term care of hamstring injuries in relation to athletes both professional and amateur levels.


How can we achieve optimal results for our hammy patients?

This time I chat with Ryan Timmins to discuss his work in hamstring injury research, a senior lecturer and researcher with well over 50 publications to date, we pick his brain and get his take on current literature research and we should be taking forward to our patients. We discuss injuries and return to sport, and talk about how we can optimise hamstring regrowth following ACL surgery (from a hamstring/hamstring + gracilis graft. We then get into training volumes and loads pre season and during to optimise injury prevention and compliance! Tune in to find out more!


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