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Our app is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to become the best clinician you can be.

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Engage with fellow physiotherapists in live events, including Journal Club, Hangouts, and Expert Q&A sessions.

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Stay up-to-date with our daily growing library of physiotherapy content and get notified once new personalized content is available.

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Tailor your learning experience with a Discover Feed customized to your interests. Your learning, your way.

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Great tools

“The AI Clinical Assistant is a lifesaver. It feels like having a mentor in your pocket.“

Thomas Cillenki | Physiotherapist
The app is must have for every Physiotherapist

“I'm still a bit of a newbie here, but I'm already loving this app. The live events and Q&A sessions are like hidden gems. You get to chat with real experts and learn from the best in the field.”

Svenja Lammers | Physiotherapist

“This app is a game-changer for my physio journey. The personalized feed and the Journal Club are next-level!"

PhysioPro997 | Physiotherapist
The app is must have for every Physiotherapist

“If you're a research nerd like me, you're in for a treat. The Research Reviews and Journal Club is where it's at! It's like an exclusive club for people who geek out on the latest research. And I love the badges! I've never been this excited about learning.”

ResearchNerd82 | Physiotherapist
Great surprise

“As a seasoned physio, I thought I'd seen it all, but this app proved me wrong. The personalized feed is incredibly relevant to my interests. The Journal Club keeps me engaged with the latest research, and the live events are a fantastic addition. Can't wait to explore more!”

Annica van Hoeven | Physiotherapist
Better than university

“This app is awesome for me as an aspiring physiotherapist. The discover feed helps me explore different aspects of physiotherapy. I am curious about the live events. I couldn't have asked for a better app on my journey to becoming a PT.“

FuturePTStar | Physiotherapy Student

“It’s the most complete physiotherapy
app on the market”

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The leading app for every physiotherapist

All Masterclasses, research reviews, podcasts, clinical tools & more in your pocket. Our iOS and
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  • Efficient Learning: Access personalized content feeds and quick-reference resources to stay up-to-date without sifting through vast amounts of information.
  • Community & Expertise: Connect with peers, join live events, and engage with experts to enhance your knowledge & skills in a supportive environment.
  • Continuous Improvement: Easily integrate research findings, assessments, and clinical techniques into your practice, ensuring better patient outcomes.
  • Track your progress: Our gamified learning experience motivates you to stay on track. Expand your streak & collect badges on your journey to become a better clinician.
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