Podcast|May 20, 2021

Episode 18: Training & Ultimate Instability!

Training ultimate instability



Paul venner

Paul Venner

Paul Venner is a movement specialist, international lecturer & Founder of Ultimate Instability. Paul works with elite athletes to bring them to the top of their game utilising a combination of perturbation training & the Frans Bosch method of training.


Where instability meets stability

In a Physiotutors first, we were lucky enough to have Paul Venner live with us at the Physiotutors HQ to discuss Ultimate Instability – a tool used worldwide in elite sport and rehabilitation centres around the globe. We discuss what added benefits there are of instability training and how that translates into sports, where the application of that falls into rehabilitation and what you as a physio can take from it to use with your own patients. In addition we talk to Paul about his approach to training with athletes – training methods and approaches that he utilises with Olympic athletes leading to increased learning speed and skill development with the utilisation of the Frans Bosch method! Tune in to find out more! 


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