Podcast|May 20, 2021

Episode 11: Concussions




Molly parker

Molly Parker

Molly Parker is a physiotherapist who has fast become one of the leading voices in raising awareness for better care for those who suffer with concussions, after going through her own journey of more questions than answers Molly has worked tirelessly to bring up to date information to both patients and healthcare professionals to ensure nobody else has to have as difficult a journey as she has had on the road to rehabilitation and normalcy!


Concussions 101

In this episode of the Physiotutors podcast we talk to Molly Parker about concussions, concussion management, rehabilitation and her personal experience as a physio who’s a patient with a concussion. We discuss the dangers of concussions going undiagnosed and the drastic affect this can have on your body and ability to function. From there it’s a trip into the pathophysiology and perhaps more importantly, how imperative it is to make sure you have the right healthcare professionals involved in rehabilitation, not just physiotherapists. Also, we highlight some of the differences someone may face with an acute concussion and also with prolonged concussion symptoms. Tune in to find out more!


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