Podcast|May 20, 2021

Episode 13: Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) with a sprinkle of LBP

Cognitive functional therapy



Kjartan vibe fersum

Kjartan Fersum

Kjartan Fersum is an internationally renowned physiotherapist, educator, lecturer and researcher with a keen interest in pain disorder & management, utilising cognitive functional therapy (CFT) in his daily practise for the betterment of his patients.


It’s functional therapy, and it’s cognitive to boot!

In this edition of the Physiotutors podcast we talk with Kjartan Fersum about CFT and how he integrates that into his daily practise, utilising it with chronic and acute pain patients to help them navigate their problems and it’s role within physiotherapy. Kjartan provides us with methods you can easily take into your daily practise to improve your communication with your patient as well as help the progress on their journey of rehabilitation, stepping out of the “I will fix you” mentality and more into a therapeutic alliance *with* the patient.


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