Podcast|May 7, 2022

Achilles Rupture Rehab

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Lizzie Marlow

Lizzie is an MSK specialist physiotherapist and educator working predominantly with lower limbs having a special interest in running injuries, lower limb tendinopathies as well as the topic of todays discussion achilles rupture rehab & pathways. Lizzie has also been one of our educators for webinars as well!


Achilles Rupture Rehab

On this episode of the podcast I talk with Lizzie Marlow, an MSK physiotherapist & educator specialising in lower limbs with special interests in running injuries, lower limb tendinopathies & of course management & treatment of achilles ruptures. We talk about everything surrounding Achilles tendon rupture rehabilitation. From the initial assessment to the rehabilitation – as well as what is important at the initial stages of identifying the rupture (I have unfortunately seen a 1 or 2 missed…) – utilising ultrasound to get the optimal position for the torn tendon to repair as well as decisions on whether or not to operate, then guiding through the rehabilitation process itself!


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