Podcast|June 28, 2021

Episode 27: Biomechanics Still Matter

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Aaron Horschig

Aaron is the man behind Squat University, a Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning coach, writer and speaker as well as a former athlete himself. With almost a decade of experience behind him as a physiotherapist he wants to bring his experience as both an athlete and a therapist together to provide a proactive approach to returning athletes, patients & clients to their peak condition to return to their daily lives.


Biomechanics Still Matter

In this episode of the podcast I get to speak with the man behind Squat University – Aaron Horschig, who himself is an ex competitive Olympic style lifter, Physiotherapist, writer & speaker working with some of the cream of the crop in competitive sports – from NFL to competitive weightlifting. In this episode we address the elephant in the room of biomechanics – do they really matter? Is technique that important or is there something to the social media influencer style of “just getting it done, doesn’t matter how”. We discuss the wider implications and the evidence behind why some beliefs have developed around lifting and technique as a result of certain studies. Listen in to find out more… oh, and yes, we do discuss the squat!


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