Podcast|June 5, 2021

Episode 26: Nutrition & Recovery




Clint wattenbergClint Wattenberg

Clint currently works as the Director of nutrition for the UFC working at the performance institute, having previously been at Cornell university working as the sports nutrition co-ordinator as a registered dietician & working as their specialist for eating disorders. In addition to this, Clint himself is no stranger to what it takes to be an elite athlete as a two time NCAA division I All American and is all too familiar with the rigors of weight cuts and dietary requirements from both a professional and sporting stand-point translating that experience into his work at the UFCPI.


Nutrition and your recovery

In this episode of the Physiotutors podcast I get to speak with Clint Wattenberg – Director of nutrition at the UFC performance institute & has previously worked as the head of sports nutrition at Cornell university as well as working with those with eating disorders! Today we talk about not only nutrition for the modern athlete, but also the effects of eating disorders on poor nutrition, diet choices, veganism, as well as what positive steps you can make when recovery from injury – soft tissue or otherwise – to help improve & boost the recovery process.


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