Podcast|January 28, 2022

Episode 37: Patellofemoral Pain

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Claire robertson

Claire Robertson

Claire Robertson is a physio, internationally recognised lecturer and published researcher from the UK specializing in patellofemoral pain complaints acting as a “second opinion” specialist for fellow physiotherapists to refer to for those head scratching cases!


Patellofemoral Pain

This time we’re joined in studio with none other than returning guest, Claire Robertson! Claire is back to talk to us about PFP. From defining what it actually is as an all encompassing term, to rehab strategies and potentially what adjuncts may be useful. In addition we discuss the relevance of biomechanics for PFP and where it may or may not have a role to play in your rehab strategies. Don’t forget to head over to www.physiotutors.com/courses/ to check out our latest course with Claire Robertson on everything you need to know about PFP including real life case studies and example rehab exercises to complement your programming, everything you need to go back into clinic on Monday feeling more competent and confident!


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