Podcast|May 12, 2021

Episode 3: Hoffa's Fat Pad

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Claire robertson

Claire Robertson

Claire Robertson is a physio, internationally recognised lecturer and published researcher from the UK specializing in patellofemoral complaints acting as a “second opinion” specialist for fellow physiotherapists to refer to for those head scratching cases! and today more specifically as we get into it, we’re going to be looking at Hoffa’s fat pad complaints.


Hoffa’s fat pad

In the third installation of the Physiotutors podcast, we talk about fat pad complaints and rehabilitation with one of the leading physiotherapists in the patellofemoral pain syndrome and fat pad complaints – Claire Robertson. We discuss how her research has helped outcomes of her patients who are often referred to her by other therapists due to her expertise in treating this patient category.  In addition we touch on what she believes are areas that can be frequently overlooked for patients during their recovery by therapists, and even what clues therapists miss during the patients initial presentation of their symptoms. We also touch on the importance of treating the person and not just the condition.


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