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Biomechanics of the Snatch

Biomechanics of the Snatch Analyzed by Physiotutors during their Bachelor Studies as a project of the Subject Biomechanics 3

Biomechanics of the Snatch

During our Bachelor studies, we had to follow the course Biomechanics 3. In previous courses (1 & 2) we learned a lot about the several forces acting on the body, as well as, in and around a joint. We focused a lot on the biomechanics of gait, specific muscle activity, and more.
In Biomechanics 3, the ultimate goal was to write a biomechanical analysis of a chosen movement. The analysis should include: Phases of the movement, kinematics, external forces, and joint analysis including muscle activity.

We chose the Olympic snatch as we thought it represented a relatively complex movement, which we could analyze in the sagittal plane.
In the video below you will see the Olympic snatch with the different phases it’s divided into.

You can download the report by clicking here

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