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Reliability & Validity Explained | Statistics in Physiotherapy | Diagnosis

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Reliability & validity explained

Reliability & Validity Explained | Statistics in Physiotherapy | Diagnosis

While validity is the degree to which a test or tool measures what it claims to measure or in other words the accuracy of a test, reliability is the degree to which a test or tool produces similar results under consistent conditions or in other words the precision of a test. Good reliability of a test or tool is important because if the people who interpret the test cannot agree on the interpretation the test result will be of little use.

We can distinguish between intra-rater reliability and inter-rater reliability. Intra-rater reliability relates to the agreement between different measurements of one person and inter-rater reliability relates to the agreement between two or more raters. Now let’s look at both concepts of validity and reliability and how they relate to each other with the famous dartboard example: The bullseye represents the golden standard.

In scenario A, we hit the bull’s eye by chance so this dart was accurate, while all other darts are covered everywhere over the dartboard so we had bad precision or in other words poor reliability. An example could be a pivot-shift test for an ACL tear which is an accurate test that’s hard to perform. So if you are untrained it could be that your results are not consistent.

In scenario B we are precise or reliable because all of our shots land together but we are not accurate because we didn’t hit bull’s eye once. An example could be a scale that always measures 5 kilos too much. So our daily weighing would be pretty consistent, but not accurately display our actual weight.

In scenario C we are neither reliable nor accurate and in scenario D we are both reliable and accurate.

To sum it up, reliability is an important concept in statistics and without good reliability, the best clinical test in the world will be useless, because every test always relies to at least some degree on subjective interpretation by the observer. With training and with precise protocols, you will be able to improve the reliability with which you are performing clinical tests and measurements. Alright, so this was our video on reliability.

If you want to dig a little bit deeper into the topic and you want to know what the Kappa value is, click on the following link.



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Viera AJ, Garrett JM. Understanding interobserver agreement: the kappa statistic. Fam med. 2005 May 1;37(5):360-3.



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  • GHADEER Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities EXCELLENT BUT MISSING PRINTED VERSION

    Such an informative course, covers everything a physio requires! Would be better if they offered a printed material! Had a hard time with reviewing due to availability solely on e version.


    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities AWESOME AND FUNDAMENTAL COURSE FOR EVERY PHYSIO WORLDWIDE
    I participate for the last 6 weeks at this course.
    It was fully worth it.
    Very objective perspective with the right backround through current knowledge in science.
    Despite it was very useful for daily practice with fundamental tests witch you can perform without a “specific” hand feeling. That`s evidence based practice par excellence!
    Highly recommended for every physio beginner or advanced physio, who will dive deep into orthopaedic physiotherapy.

    DUNCAN Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities GREAT COURSE
    Great course, lots of information, the instruction videos are really helpful.


    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities i would recommend this course to everyone.
    if i may give one suggestion that is maybe hard to implement. but i sometimes struggle with explaining things in patient language. so maybe add some frequent asked questions / mechanisms from patients and how to explain it simple or with a metaphore ?

    Thanks again for all your work putted in to this course <3

    phil Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities ORTHOPAEDIC PHYSIOTHERAPY OF THE UPPER & LOWER EXTREMITIES
    Great course and highly recommended. As a current sports therapy student looking to progress to Physiotherapy this provided invaluable insights and added depth of understanding in a range of areas.


    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities I LOVE IT
    This course really helps the starting physio. It gives you more convidence. The first year out of school i was really not convident and after this ( relative cheap) course, it got better! Thanks a lot physiotutors! I also got motivation to start studying manual therapy, as i know now, that there is way more to learn.

  • WOUTER Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities FUN AND EASY TO IMPLEMENT IN THE CLINICAL PRACTISE
    Took my time to learn and enjoy form this course!
    Would definitely recommend this to other physiotherapist who work in the first-line care.


    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities GREAT COURSE
    They go, from the basic assessment to the lower and upper limb, step by step with scientific reasoning. It’s a very usefull course to improve your clinical reasoning in practice.


    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities REALLY REALLY GREAT!
    Everything is extremely well-researched and carefully structured! My only complaint, or actually just a hope for their future courses is that more things should to be structured as bullet points. It can sometimes hard to remember facts from a big block of text. Other than that, amazing. Thanks for your great work guys, it’s been a big help!

  • AVIV Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities Great course, very nice and clean, full attention to details, great job boys!


    Thomas Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities STARKES KONZEPT!
    Starkes Konzept wissenschaftlich untermauert für die Haupt-Diagnosen der Extremitäten. Sehr übersichtliches Design. Gute Möglichkeit das Lernen einzuteilen. Fortbildung der Zukunft. Nur zu empfehlen. Freue mich auf die nächsten Kurse!

    Marc Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities LEERZAAM
    Goede opbouw en uitleg per onderdeel.

  • JUDITH Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities My compliments for this online course! I’m feeling all up to date now! I can see why it is highly accredited with the KNGF. Other than expected I quite enjoyed taking the course! Good structure ,good balance between text en videos and content en quiz. For me the assessment assignments worked great to lock the knowledge in! Quizzes are sufficiantly challenging and force/ motivate to really study the contents, think about it and listen to the questions carefully!
    Great video footage of tests and exercises! Great links to articles! All very useful for dailey practice (even in osteopathy ;)) and immediately applicable! Should contribute to communication with other health care specialists e.g. when it comes to clinical reasoning for requesting further medical examination e.g. immaging. I already recommended the course to several colleagues!
    One point of attention: I got the feeling that the short quizzes at the end of each unit didn’t always mach the unit’s content or plainly state differently (e.g. Type of SLAP lesions).

    AARON Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities PERFECT INFORMATION
    Much of it was fresh rehearsal including some new insights! Would recommend.

    DIMITRY Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities THE FUTURE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY
    I think this course should be done by all physiotherapists! The evidence based principle should be adopted by every physiotherapist, this course is a great way to learn how to apply tests, but also background information, advice for patients and some rehabilitation. I believe this kind of course is the future of physiotherapy and is very suitable for everyone.

  • Alexandro Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities LEERZAME CURSUS!!!!!
    Erg leerzaam, vraagt af en toe wel iets van je vermogen om Engels te kunnen.
    Uitleg is duidelijk en goed stapsgewijs uit gelegd.

    Marijke Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities BEDANKT!
    Uitstekende manier van leren.

    LIEKE Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities PERFECT
    The course was very interesting Learned a lot!

  • JORN Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities ZEER LEERZAAM!
    Zeer leerzame cursus, welke zeker de moeite en tijd waard is!
    Gaat goed stapsgewijs dieper in op de stof.
    Zorg er wel voor dat je engels up-to-date is.

    MATAN Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities GREAT COURSE
    Super cursus!! Overzichtelijk en up to date.


    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities EXCELLENT COURSE!
    A course of the highest quality. It adresses a plethora of conditions both theoreticaly and practically. Everything is well laid out and substatiated with current research. Its fun to take and challenging. If you spend the nescessary time on this course youre sure to learn a lot.

    Theres allways room for some pointers so
    Andreas you should stop staring so aggresivly during the examinations, its scaring me. Just lay off the steroids for a while and youll mellow out soon enough, theyre other ways to get swole bro.
    Kai youve been blasting me with research citations during the whole course. my head is about to explode. Youve been luring me to the dark side of science but i know this knowledge has been paid for in missed sleep and coffee. The bags under your eyes attest to this.

    Just joking, you guys are heroes to everyone enrolled in the physiotherapy eduction and therapists alike. ill be buying all of your courses as will the rest of my team.

  • Ivo Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities GREAT COURSE FOR REFRESSING YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE EXTREMITIES
    My first online course and i can recommended it to everyone to trie this course. the methods used are easy to understand and the way the course has been build up is perfect

    HYEOK Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities GREAT COURSE FOR NOT ONLY FIRST YEAR PHYSIOS BUT ALSO EXPERIENCED PHYSIOS.

    I’ve been working in this field for 10 years and still learn from many resources such as books, youtube channels, essays and so on. And this course is awesome because it’s time efficacy and broad perspective of information in each chapter from basic anatomy, pathophysiology, to treatment. After taking this course for 5 months, I able to give more clear, updated information about each patient’s conditions and course of the current problem.
    I hope you guys make another course for the spine . I wil take it!

    Marja Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities GREAT COURSE
    Super tevreden met de cursus! Heel veel nuttige informatie die makkelijk toepasbaar is op de dagelijkse fysiotherapeutische praktijk. Naast de diagnostische testen ook veel gehad aan de ‘treatment’ gedeeltes voor in de praktijk.
    Al om al, heel fijne cursus voor een beginnend fysiotherapeut.

  • Rik Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities This course showed me some new insights that I can use in my own practice.
    The course is easy to follow in your own time.
    I really enjoyed it!
    Thanks guys!

    M.J. Post Avatar
    M.J. Post

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities As I said, great course. When you take this course, you’re being pushed into improving your assessment skillset.

    Vadym Grytsenko Avatar
    Vadym Grytsenko

    GREAT ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT ONLINE EDUCATION SHOULD BE! The great course with absolutely new approache to study information online!
    Content is extremely useful in daily physiotherapy routine and all the material is based upon scientific researches. I did rehearse the screening and assessment process.
    Great illustration of what online education should be!

  • Jerry Avatar

    GREAT! It was an excellent course! Took me 33 hours and 26 minutes to complete. I liked the cases a lot and the statistics gave me a totally new point of view to assess different tests. This course will make me a better physiotherapist. Thank you!

    Francisco Javier Avatar
    Francisco Javier

    THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE Awesome Course!!!, honestly it´s the University of future, you will learn all the commmon pathologies of the body with just 1 click: epidemiology, prognostic factors, course, asessment and treatment, everything from a scientific point of view. Well structured, easy to read, fast navegation, high quality videos. You will be able to answer your patient how long the complaints will last base on the last evidence with proper numbers, giving a fair prognosis which will help you to keep them motivate to the therapy and be patients and constant. There is no a day when I dont use it in the practice to consult a specific test or the sensibility of this one. Even you get you acreditation points, a bunch of them actually in comparison with other courses that you will never use in your daily routine. 100% advisable!!!

    Curso Magnifico!!!, honestamente, es la universidad del futuro, aprenderá todas las patologías comunes del cuerpo con un solo clic: epidemiología, factores pronósticos, curso, evaluación y tratamiento, todo desde un punto de vista científico. Bien estructurado, fácil de leer, navegación rápida, videos de alta calidad. Podrás responder a tu paciente cuánto tiempo durarán sus molestias basado en la última evidencia con los números adecuados, lo que les dará un pronóstico justo que los ayudará a mantenerlos motivados para la terapia y ser pacientes y constantes. No hay un día en el que no lo use en la práctica para consultar una test específico o la sensibilidad de este. Incluso se obtienen puntos de acreditación, un monton ellos en comparación con otros cursos que luego nunca usas en su rutina diaria. 100% recomendable!!

    Nathan Avatar

    Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Upper and Lower Extremities A great course for new grads! I have found this course to be very well put together. Firstly the formatting is very user friendly – it’s easy to work through but also very to easy to navigate to specific sections to use as a reference resource. As always with these guys the videos are very high quality. The attention to detail with academic references is also spot on. You can be assured that the info is evidence based. Overall, highly recommended.


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