How to start and grow your clinic

Guest blog by the clinic mastery team on how to start and grow your clinic. this post might be great for any young physio starting out! Really glad to feature this extensive guide and hope it sparks some ideas! (8 pages)

How to Start and Grow Your Clinic.

7 Steps all health professionals must take to successfully start a thriving clinic.

So you’re thinking about going into Business…

That’s quite a commitment!

There’s the financial pressure, the massive workload, the challenge of giving time to the people closest to you, there’s spreadsheets, data, hiring team members, accountants, lawyers, marketing and that’s not to mention you’ve actually still got to see and serve patients.

The truth is, being in business is a real challenge.

However, if you make some key decisions and implement the right actions, it can be incredibly rewarding.

The Reality of Being in Business

Unfortunately what many health professionals don’t fully appreciate before starting in business is that it’s an entirely new world.

Being in business requires a whole new set of skills. Just as you have studied for 4 or more years to learn your craft as a physiotherapist, you must also realise that business also requires knowledge and skills. Just because there are no exams to pass or grades to obtain in order to start a business, the harsh reality of the real world, the actual market of consumers will have a bigger impact on your livelihood than some result on a term paper will.

This lends itself to an incredible amount of stress.

The catch is that while you do your best to serve your clients, you also need to build a business that grows sustainably. What this can mean for young players is that they are overworked and overwhelmed. They struggle to keep head above water, doing everything for everyone else, only to face the unfortunate demise through burnout.

It’s a common journey, an ambitious young health professional with a heart of gold and treasure chest of skills and technical abilities succumbs to the constant demand of trying to be all things to everyone as they wear many different hats.

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The harsh reality is that the world is moving very quickly.

Technology is allowing us to do more with less and the market (your clients) demand more from you every day. Competition is high, but if you’re the type of person who has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys the hustle of a new challenge it can be very exciting. Those who rely solely technical skills or their ‘experience’ as a practitioner, will unfortunately get left behind.

In fact, in a recent study by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the “Startup Business Failure Rate By Industry” revealed in the health and education sector that 64% of businesses are no longer operating after just 4 years.

Although there is debate over why 64% of these businesses fail, at the coal face where health professionals are trying to be all things to all people – it’s tough. You deserve the truth…it’s not all rainbows and butterflies out there.

The Whole Truth

Your clients are relying on you to be at your best, to be a real master of your craft and a master of your clinic so that you can help them progress towards optimal health and wellbeing. When you’re in a state of effortless mastery, you’re able to constantly adapt to the changing landscape of healthcare, as long as you make some key decisions and implement the right actions.

Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, says that all businesses have two basic functions; marketing and innovation. It’s no longer just about being a skilled practitioner, you must innovate the delivery of your client care experience in a way that’s personalised, engaging and memorable. You also need to attract and serve enough clients to remain in business and sustainably grow, that’s marketing.

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

We reached out to our global community to ask health professionals in business what they believe the most important lessons learned in starting and growing a new clinic.

With contributions from all over, we’ve narrowed it down to 7 steps that all health professionals looking to start a clinic must take to build a thriving clinic.