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Benoy is a highly specialist physiotherapist and works as an advanced practice Physiotherapist for the National Health Service (NHS), London and also in private practice in Central London, mainly treating runners and complex lower limb injuries. He qualified as a physiotherapist in 1998 and completed his Masters in London in 2014. Clinically, he specialises in the management of difficult musculoskeletal and sports injuries with a particular focus on overuse running injuries and young hip and knee injuries.

He is passionate about application of research in clinical practice and is involved in regular teaching on multiple courses, both in the UK and overseas. More than 2500 participants from 12 countries have attended his course in the last 8 years. He is a Master Trainer in Shockwave therapy and is the UK head of education for Venn Health Care. He is also a trained MSK Sonographer and uses diagnostic ultrasound regularly, in his clinical practice.

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1.1 Introduction to Running Injuries 01:19:00

Running Quiz 1 – Introduction 00:10:00

1.2 Evaluation of the Injured Runner 01:58:00

Running Quiz 2 – Evaluation of the Injured Runner 00:10:00

2.1 General Principles in an Injured Runner 02:32:00

Running Quiz 3 – Management of Running-Related Injuries 00:15:00

2.2 Hip Running Injuries Part 1 – Anatomy & Kinesiology 00:29:00

Running Quiz 4 – Hip Anatomy 00:10:00

2.3 Hip Running Injuries Part 2 – GPTS 03:00:00

Running Quiz 5 – Hip Injuries 00:15:00

2.4 Hip Running Injuries Part 3 – Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy 01:32:00

Running Quiz 6 – Posterolateral Hip Pain 00:10:00

2.5 Knee Related Injuries Part 1 – PFP 03:00:00

Running Quiz 7 – PFP in Runners 00:15:00

2.6 Knee Related Injuries Part 2 – ITBS 01:23:00

Running Quiz 8 – ITBS in Runners 00:15:00

2.7 Ankle & Foot Injuries Part 1 – Plantar fasciitis 02:00:00

Running Quiz 9 – Plantar Fasciitis in Runners 00:10:00

2.8 Foot & Ankle Injuries Part 2 – Achilles Tendinopathy 02:29:00

Running Quiz 10 – Achilles Tendinopathy in Runners 00:15:00

2.9 Foot & Ankle Injuries Part 3 – Achilles Tendinopathy UPDATE 02:00:00

Running Quiz 11 – Achilles Tendinopathy UPDATE in Runners 00:10:00

2.10 Foot & Ankle Injuries Part 4 – MTSS 01:56:00

Running Quiz 12 – MTSS in Runners 00:10:00

2.11 Groin Pain in Runners 02:30:00

Running Quiz 13 – Groin Pain in Runners 00:15:00

3.1 Strength Training In Runners Part 1 03:00:00

Running Quiz 14 – Strength Training in Runners 00:15:00

3.2 Strength Training In Runners Part 2 – Practical Application 01:00:00

Running Quiz 15 – Practical Application of Strength Training 00:05:00

3.3 Plyometric Training in Runners 01:02:00

Running Quiz 16 – Plyometric Training in Runners 00:10:00

4.1 Gait Cycle & Running Mechanics 02:00:00

Running Quiz 17 – Gait Cycle & Running Mechanics 00:10:00

4.2 Running Analysis & Re-training 01:59:00

Running Quiz 18 – Gait Analysis & Retraining 00:10:00

5.1 Return to Running 02:24:00

Running Quiz 19 – Return to Running 00:15:00

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Case Studies

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Clinical Patterns

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Download supplementary materials such as infographics, assessment charts, questionnaires and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Our online physiotherapy courses are asynchronous, meaning that there are no live sessions that you need to attend or deadlines that you have to take into account. You are free to learn whenever you find time and motivation and you can take as long as you need*

*Online course access ranges from up to 1 year to unlimited depending on the course

This depends on the online course you choose. For some you will get access for 1 year, others are unlimited.

Yes! We strive to update each online course about once per year in order to keep up with newly released research

Online courses currently on the market take various shapes and forms. The content delivery and learning outcomes thus vary drastically. We have evaluated close to all online physiotherapy courses on the market today and the cost difference you see on the surface is mainly to be attributed to the production value and extent of the course. Remotely recorded webinar-type masterclasses of a couple hours should not be compared to more immersive online courses we offer.

Our online physiotherapy courses are different from any other online course. We have been awarded the ENPHE award for the best Bachelor’s thesis in Europe about blended learning where we researched how online courses have to be designed to guarantee a superior learning experience. Based on this knowledge our online courses usually take about 6-12 months to create, include different types of media (text, graphs, screencasts, demonstration videos) are interactive (quizzes, video quizzes, assignments, interactive elements, credit system), and have superior audiovisual quality to any other online courses

As a rough guideline, the price is based on the number of hours of content. Smaller courses of around 12-14 hours cost around €299, while some bigger courses with around 40 hours of content are priced for around €549. Be aware that this is still about 50-80% cheaper than what you would pay for an offline course with the same amount of content – hotel and travel costs not included.

We offer €100 off on any online course if you can send us an official proof of enrolment in a full time Bachelor’s or Master’s program. Simply send an email to with your proof of enrollment and we will set you up with a discount.

Yes! We have created a form on this page to request a custom quote for a course package for clinics or universities wanting to purchase multiple course seats at once.

No. However, we handle a 48h refund policy. If the online course you purchased is not what you expected, just send us an email to and we will refund your money. P.S. Be aware that this refund policy excludes people who are trying to buy an online course and try to finish it for free within 48h. We are able to track activity in the course and will not refund if we see that this is the case.

We handle a 48h “no questions asked” refund policy. If the online course you purchased is not what you expected, just send us an email to and we will refund your money.P.S. Be aware that this refund policy excludes people who are trying to buy an online course and try to finish it for free within 48h. We are able to track activity in the course and will not refund if we see that this is the case.

We submit all of our physiotherapy courses for accreditation in the Netherlands with the KRF/KNGF and Keurmerk and with Pro-Q-Kiné in Belgium. Details for each course can be found in the CPD/CEU section of each course.

In the UK and Australia our online courses can be regarded as formal continuing education activities and you can use your CPD Certificate as proof of the activity.

For Germany and Austria we can provide a personalized certificate and award Fortbildungspunkte. Our course design complies with the rules for continuing education courses. This however is no guarantee that the certificate will be accepted.

We have found that accreditation plays a smaller role in other countries. If accreditation is important for you and your country is not listed, please get in touch with us via (ideally with a link to the accreditation procedure) and we will do our best to get accredited in your country as well.

Yes, all of our online courses are fully compatible with mobile devices and tablets and are optimized for mobile devices.

We understand that our online physiotherapy courses are steeply priced for health professionals from low income countries. This has to do with the amount of effort and costs that are connected to the production of the courses and pricing them lower would not make them profitable for us anymore.

We recommend you to try our Physiotutors App that offers hundreds of free learning resources and a premium membership at a price point that is affordable worldwide.

Our online physiotherapy courses make use of different types of media from text and graphs/tables to screencasts, demonstration videos to active elements such as video quizzes, multiple-choice exams, interactive assignments, paper cases, etc.Based on the results of our award-winning thesis, it has been shown that video as the sole medium is not an effective way for students to learn. We also believe that hour-long videos are tiring and boring and will lead to inferior learning outcomes. That’s why we build interactive elements into each of our online courses.

Completing a course means that you have marked all course units as completed and that you have passed the online course exams (>70% correct answers). Then you will be able to see a course certificate in your personal profile.

KNGF: Please send us an email to once you have finished the course. Include your BIG number

Keurmerk: Please send us an email to once you have finished the course. Include your BIG number

ProQ-Kiné: Please send us an email to once you have finished the course. Include your RIZIV number

USA: Please send us an email to once you have finished the course.

Yes! You will get a certificate for the completion of an online course as soon as you have marked all course units as completed and you have passed the online course exams (>70% correct answers). After you click on “Finish Course”, you will be able to see a course certificate in your personal profile.

Our online courses are entirely translated into 4 different languages. These are French, German, Spanish and Dutch. All texts inside the online courses are translated and the videos feature subtitles in the aforementioned languages. For more information regarding translated content on please visit this page

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