Podcast|May 21, 2021

Episode 19: Pain & EBP

Pain science & ebp



Lars avemarie

Lars Avemarie

Lars Avemarie is an internationally renowned lecturer and physiotherapist working on the implementation of evidence based practise and dealing with pain management and beliefs around pain. He has delivered seminars and workshops the world over and helped to reinforce the notion that evidence based practise is what’s needed to elevate the level of physiotherapy across the globe.


Do you even Pain Science, bro?

!!PAIN SCIENCE IS NOT AN INTERVENTION!! But as physio’s we can use our understanding to provide patients with ways they can better understand and manage their symptoms – and that’s where this episode takes us with Lars Avemarie, a physio, writer & educator, from using the DIMs/SIMs model to fostering self efficacy, then we take a brief dive into what using an EBP approach actually means for you and where your clinical experience factors in! Lars guides us through some of his own patients to give us take aways we can apply directly into practise, tune in to find out more!


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