Episode 1: Meeting with the Founders of Physiotutors

Episode 2: ACL Rupture - From Rehab to Performance with Bart Dingenen

Episode 3: Hoffa's Fat Pad Rehabilitation with Claire Robertson

Episode 4: All things Manual Therapy with Rob Sillevis

Episode 5: Running Related Injuries with Benoy Mathew & Glen Robbins

Episode 6: Unraveling the Biopsychosocial Model with Nick Hannah

Episode 7: Chronic Hip Complaints with Benoy Mathew & Glen Robbins

Episode 8: All you need to know about BFR Training with Nic Rolnick

Episode 9: Talking Pain & Physiotherapy with Jarod Hall

Episode 10: Diagnostics, Low Back Pain and the SIJ with Mark Laslett

Episode 11: Concussions and concussion management with Molly Parker

Episode 12: Concussions, paediatrics, rehab and.. prehab!? With Natasha Wilch

Episode 13: Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) with a sprinkle of LBP with Kjartan Fersum


Sunny Sandhu

Our Podcast Host

I am a physiotherapist and avid mixed martial artist from the UK! My role here with Physiotutors is the podcast host and co-ordinator! That means I'm the guy arranging and interviewing our guests, as well as doing the background work creating the soundbites and content surrounding the podcasts!

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