How to start and grow your clinic

Step 5 – Get Administration Support

Tyson Franklin Podiatrist and Author says that having administration support from day one is the most professional thing to do. That way you can focus on providing great experiences for your clients and growing your clinic.

While you may be content with answering the phones, handling payments, doing the books and managing the waiting room, the truth is by doing this you may be unintentionally giving the wrong impression to your clients, and seriously limiting your ability to grow quickly.

Having administration support allows you to keep the business functioning while you keep it growing.

Clinic Mastery Activity #5 –

  1. Work out how much time in a day you could allocate to serving clients if you didn’t have to do all of the small admin tasks throughout the day.
  2. Apply a dollar amount to that time (based on how many consultations that represents)
  3. Can you now see how you can’t afford not to have administration support?

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