How to start and grow your clinic

Step 4 – Implement these 4 Systems:

It’s one thing to attract new clients, but another to retain them. You can’t do your best work as a health professional if clients decide not to see you any more. There are 4 key systems every clinic must have if you want to Grow Your Clinic.

System 1 – Enquiry conversion system.

In our experience observing many clinics, it’s likely that most clinics will miss 4-6 new clients each week simply because there isn’t a clear process for how to convert phone enquiries to actual appointments. It only takes one simple sentence to reverse this trend. “How can we help”.

We’ve seen improvements in phone call conversions from 40-80% by simply asking this question in response to any enquiry.

System 2 – Rebooking system.

As a health professional it’s your duty as the trusted health advisor to provide the best management plan for your client’s recovery. Effective rebooking means every client you see has their next appointment booked with you as part of a structured management plan. This makes life a lot easier, especially when your client has a clear idea of what’s next.

System 3 – Reactivation System.

Sometimes clients slip through the cracks, and have no further appointments booked with you. A system to nurture those clients is super important, especially in your first year. It helps you continue to build lifetime value to those clients. It may be an email, text message, or mail in the letterbox to let them know you’re thinking of them.

System 4 – Cancellation ‘Late Notice’ Policy.

Missed appointments can account for 30% of lost income. An effective cancellation policy is essential to help your clients prioritise their appointment with you. It speaks to the culture of your clinic. You don’t have to charge a fee, but you must have a policy, and you must communicate it well.

Clinic Mastery Activity #4 – Nurturing Existing Clients