How to start and grow your clinic

Step 1 – Understand Your Reasons Why Going into business for the right reasons is crucial.

The clearer you are about why you are going into business, the easier it will be to keep going when things get tough. Approach starting a new clinic from a point of inspiration not desperation. Then comes the perspiration.

Shane Davis from Bellarine Sports Medicine Centre has grown from 0 to 10 clinics in 3.5 years. He understands that when your job is to care for people all day, you must factor in time to care for yourself as well. Avoid burnout by allowing others to help you when they offer it.

For Daniel Gibbs, owner of Telstra Business Award winning business, Posture Podiatry, it was about using his clinic to leverage the ability to impact the lives of more people in a positive way. It was a moment when driving home and noticing the signs for businesses along the road that triggered his business journey. After all, each of those signs represented someone else who had taken the leap and gone into business for themselves, and this became the motivation to begin.

Whether you want more time, more money, to help more people, or to simply have freedom over what you do in a day, business is a great way to achieve all of these things. But prepare yourself by knowing your “why”, and make your decisions that line up with that.

Clinic Mastery Activity #1 – Knowing Your Why

  1. Activate your creative mind by handwriting 3 reasons why you want to start your own clinic.
  2. Next to each reason, answer the question ‘why is that important’.
  3. Then next to each answer, ask yourself again, “Why?”
  4. Repeat asking “Why” 5 times to arrive at the core driver behind your decision making.

The overwhelming majority of clinic owners we spoke to recommended this exercise either out of gratitude or regret for not doing it at the start of their journey.

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