Lab Class 2

Learning Objectives

At the end of the lab class:

  •  You will be able to explain the components of a regular physical therapy assessment.

  • You will be able to execute a basic patient history taking and fill in the information from the example case into the RPS-Form.

Introduction and Patient History Taking

The whole ESP-Zone is structured in a way to guide you through the semester and we are logically transitioning from one topic to the other. The basis of each topic/pathology will always be a case, which spans over several weeks in order for you to apply the knowledge that you have gained and to interact with our tool, as well as, with your fellow students.
You should realize that the whole physiotherapeutic process always follows this pattern:

1) Screening (if no referral is present)
2) History taking
3) Observation
4) Functional assessment
5) Basic assessment (AROM/PROM)
6) Special testing including clinimetrics
7) Treatment
8) Re-assessement, if your treatment showed progress

In this week's video we are going to focus on patient history taking and how to structure the information using the the RPS (Rehabilitation Problem Solving) form.


Take a look at this case:

Jacky Brown, a 68-year-old woman suffers from pain in the hip, predominantly on the right side. The pain is radiating into the groin area and becomes worse after long walks, which she loves to do with her husband. Especially in the morning she feels stiff and it takes her a while to get going. Jacky is worried because she does not know where the pain is coming from and she is having problems keeping up with her husband during the walks. When the pain becomes very strong, she usually takes pain killers. The couple lives on the second floor without access to an elevator. Their three kids visit them about once a week. She has a BMI of 33.



1) Fill in the RPS form for Mrs. Brown. You can download a blank copy above.
Share your RPS in the Google Drive and maybe discuss your work with a fellow student in the chat!

2) What else would you want to know from Mrs. Brown? Write down other questions!

Preparation for next week:

1) What do you expect to see during observation? Write down notes and share them in the Google Drive!

2) Write down how you think Mrs. Brown will perform during the following tasks:
- Getting up from a chair
- Walking
- Standing on on leg