The Assessment Book: A Guide to Orthopedic Physical Assessment (Paperback)

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  • 608 Pages Paperback Book
  • Interactive Content (Scan the QR-Code to watch the Video Demonstration)
  • Statistical Values for all Special Tests from the latest research
  • Clinical Value Recommendation
  • Detailed descriptions & Color-coded Chapters for Better Overview
  • And much more!


“Our goal with this product is to make your life as a therapist or student as easy as possible”

This paperback book is designed to provide you as a physiotherapy student or practitioner with an extensive, but easy-to-use overview about basic assessment techniques and special tests that are being used in physiotherapeutic assessment, organized by body part. At the same time, we are providing you with the latest evidence regarding different orthopedic tests and we are giving advice about their usability in practice according to our Clinical Value Matrix, similar to what you might know from Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Our goal with this product is to make your life as a therapist or student as easy as possible. Therefore, all assessment techniques and special tests we cover are described in a few words, illustrated with a photo in starting and end position and more importantly: redirecting you directly to the respective video on our YouTube channel, so you can watch how it should be performed (by scanning the QR-Code)! The references we provide are up to date and will help you to find the respective article on PubMed’s medical database.

At last, this paperback book has to be seen as a work in progress. On the one hand, our YouTube channel Physiotutors is constantly growing as new videos are added each week and on the other hand, new research is published, which might impact the clinical value of the different orthopedic tests covered in this paperback book.

We would have wished to have such a book ourselves when we started as students and we sincerely hope that you benefit from it as much as possible! Thanks for following us on social media and for your support by buying this book!



We definitely recommend getting the e-book, because:
– It can be used on 2 devices
– It’s easier to transport (the book is >600 pages)
– You will get free updates every year
– It’s cheaper (€20 difference)
– It cannot be lost- You can search easier in the ebook
– You can directly click on the section you are interested in
– You can directly click links to the video demonstration & Pubmed articles

The reason we released a paperback version is that many people asked for it and we wanted to provide all possible options. If you’re interested in the paperback version, search for “Physiotutors Assessment Book” in your local Amazon store.

Compared to other books on Physical Examination we are actually at the bottom end regarding the price. The reason it is €99 is that printing costs and Amazon commission are around €80 per book. The years of work we have put into this book and are still putting into updates and the fact that it’s >600 pages isn’t nearly reflected in the price. No other book offers such easy access to video demonstrations and is so up to date as ours. If you are a student and a bit short of money, consider getting the E-Book or Assessment app. Check the reviews to read if people found it worth the money (Hint: Many people find it worth even more).


  • Bazille Alexandre Avatar
    Bazille Alexandre

    The Assessment E-book (Paperback) Excellente contenu. Pauvre contenant
    Très bon livre sur l'évaluation des patients mais le livre, le papier et la couverture font vraiment cheap pour le prix payé...
    Comment Physiotutors: Unfortunately, there is no hardcover option at Amazon and to be honest it would probably raise the price a lot more.

  • Armstrong Avatar

    The Assessment E-book (Paperback) Short info and supper helpful
    Perfect book! Nice, short and easy to understand. Love this book!

  • Dragonfly 50 Avatar
    Dragonfly 50

    The Assessment E-book (Paperback) GREAT KNOWLEDGE
    Great book if you perform orthopaedic testing . Has QR symbole to scan and the video come up on YouTube …great technology

  • Serenna Avatar

    Great reference This has been a great reference for me during school working towards a degree in PTA! The QR code’s help tremendously and will be on my desk when I graduate as quick reference when I begin working!

  • DAMIEN Avatar

    Just get it! It is the holy Bible for the physiotherapist. In English but easy to understand. You really need this book for your practice!

  • Amazon Customer Avatar
    Amazon Customer

    Good Resourse for a Practicing Physical Therapist After three years of watching Physiotutors' videos while in school, I'm happy to support them after I graduated. This book is organized by body part and further by diagnoses with each test taking up one page of the book. This makes the book larger than you would expect (607 pages) but it also makes it visually appealing and well organized. Each test page usually has two pictures of starting and ending position as well as a table of validation studies (if applicable) along with their own "clinical value matrix" scale of questionable, weak, moderate, or strong clinical value. The authors rely on literature and don't buy-into gimmicks so don't be surprised that most tests have questionable or weak clinical value. What's more impressive is that each page has a QR code that links to their online YouTube video about the same test. Because it links to YouTube and not their own server, you may still need to watch ads like you typically would with other YouTube content.

    Overall, it's a great anthology to have on-hand as a practicing physical therapist, especially if you don't want to scroll though video content before an eval if you need a refresher. Personally, I am adding content to our EMR system with the help of this book because it is so well organized and thorough. The price of the book made me question the purchase; however, these guys obviously put in a lot of back-end work on the research which is what you're really paying for here. Overall, well worth it.

  • Silke Peleman Avatar
    Silke Peleman

    Exactly what I needed! I'm a student of the last year of physiotherapy at Ghent University and I was already looking for a book like this for a while. We get tons of information from different courses and a lot of PowerPoint presentations, but what we really need is 1 book with everything inside for a good overview. It is very practical, exactly what we need in the last year for our internships and final exams. The chapters are divided into colours so you can find what you are looking for very quickly. The pictures are extremely useful and the description of the tests are good and not too long. Exactly what I expected from physiotutors! I could recommend this for all students!