Podcast|February 3, 2024

Jaw-dropping Insights: Tackling TMJ Dysfunction

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00:00 Intro

00:35 What is TMD?

01:18 TMD Prevalence/Incidence

02:20 The typical TMD Patient

03:23 Risk Factors

06:38 Red Flag Screening

09:20 The Diagnostic Process

14:05 Special Tests

15:25 Questionnaires

17:47 TMD & Headaches

19:30 Am I clenching my teeth?

20:40 Is posture a factor for TMD?

22:50 The course of TMD

27:09 A place for Dry Needling?

28:29 Other Manual Therapies?

31:50 Current TMD Research

35:05 Top 3 Takeaways

40:20 Tension-Type or TMD Headache

42:28 How to get in touch

43:08 Outro


Corinne visscher

Corinne Visscher

Corinne is a physiotherapist and epidemiologist who has completed her PhD on TMJ Dysfunction and has published more than 30 papers on the topic. Next to her research, she is working as an assistant professor at the Academic Center for Dentistry in Amsterdam.


In this insightful episode, Dutch researcher Corinne Visscher unpacks the intricate landscape of temporomandibular disorders (TMD), delving into key aspects such as prevalence, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment. With a focus on her current research, Visscher provides a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by individuals dealing with chronic complaints related to TMJ Dysfunction.

Corinne’s dedication to unraveling the complexities of TMD becomes apparent as she shares insights into her ongoing research endeavors. Her emphasis on understanding the unique journey of patients grappling with persistent TMD-related issues adds a personal and compassionate touch to the discussion.

A central theme in Visscher’s conversation is the proactive approach to TMD care. She stresses the importance of screening for TMD, advocating for early intervention. Corinne goes beyond the clinical realm, highlighting the significance of providing counseling and practical advice to individuals, guiding them in cultivating habits that promote oral health and reduce the risk of temporomandibular disorders. Her proactive stance extends to the timely referral of patients to oral facial physical therapists or dentists when necessary, underscoring the collaborative nature of comprehensive TMD care.

Adding a fascinating dimension to the discourse, Visscher explores the link between TMD and secondary headaches. This connection serves as a reminder of the interconnected nature of health issues, prompting a more holistic approach to understanding and addressing TMD, considering its potential implications on broader aspects of well-being.

Corinne’s commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident as she invites listeners to reach out for further information. This accessibility enhances the episode’s impact, fostering an environment for continued exploration and learning for those interested in the intricacies of TMD and related research.

In summary, this episode encapsulates a wealth of information on TMD within a concise framework. Corinne Visscher’s expertise and passion shine through, making the discussion both informative and engaging. Listeners are treated to a comprehensive overview of TMD, from its prevalence to proactive measures, and are encouraged to delve deeper into the subject, thanks to Visscher’s open invitation for further exploration.


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