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VISA-H Questionnaire



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VISA-H Questionnaire

The Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment (VISA-) Hamstring (H) Questionnaire is a self-report clinical outcome measure used in patients with Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT). It consists of eight questions that measure the domains of pain, function in daily living, and sports activities (Cacchio et al. 2014).


Validity and Reliability

The VISA-H questionnaire has high psychometric properties, including validity, reliability, and responsiveness (Cacchio et al. 2014). The validity of the VISA-H questionnaire was established by Cacchio et al. (2013) through the use of a cross-sectional study design, which included 30 patients with PHT (20 non-surgical & 10 surgical) and 30 healthy controls. The same authors also established the reliability of the VISA-H questionnaire through the use of a test-retest design. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for the VISA-H questionnaire was 0.84, indicating high internal consistency. Translations of the VISA-H questionnaire into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French have shown to be consistent, reliable, and valid in clinical practice and research to assess the pain and disability of patients with PHT (De-la-Cruz-Torres et al. 2021, Lima et al. 2022, Locquet et al. 2019).

However, a recent systematic review evaluating the content and structural validity evidence of the VISA questionnaires showed very-low-quality evidence for their content and structural validity (Korakakis et al. 2021).


Scoring and Interpretation

  • Questions 1-6 receive a VAS rating of 0 to 10. (10 is optimal health)
  • The 4 categories on question 7 can be scored as 0, 4, 7, or 10.
  • Question 8 is graded according to how long the patient can train in spite of their current level of pain.

The maximum score for an asymptomatic person is 100; theoretically, the smallest score is 0.


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