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Headache Impact Test (HIT-6)

The Headache Impact Test (HIT-6) is a questionnaire for measuring the impact of headache. A total of six questions are completed by the patient. They focus on daily activities such as work, education, home situation and leisure time. The HIT-6 gives a general overview of the impact of headache, including pain intensity, impairment and other items. A higher score corresponds to higher impact.


Validity and Reliability

The Headache Impact Test (HIT-6) is a widely used tool for assessing the impact of headaches on individuals’ lives. It has been validated and shown to have good psychometric properties (Rendas-Baum et al., 2014; Bera et al., 2014; Kothari et al., 2022; Houts et al., 2020).

The questionnaire has been validated for use in different populations, including patients with chronic migraine (Yang et al., 2010; Rendas-Baum et al., 2014; Houts et al., 2020), migraine and tension-type headache (Park et al., 2014; Bera et al., 2014), and individuals with persistent post-traumatic headache (Kothari et al., 2022). The HIT-6 has been found to be reliable and valid in assessing the impact of headaches in these populations (Yang et al., 2010; Rendas-Baum et al., 2014; Park et al., 2014; Bera et al., 2014; Kothari et al., 2022; Houts et al., 2020).

The HIT-6 is easy to administer and has good accessibility (Bera et al., 2014). Overall, the HIT-6 is a valuable tool for researchers and clinicians in assessing the impact of headaches and guiding treatment decisions.


Scoring and Interpretation

Each of the six questions of the HIT-6 receives a score from 6-13. The final HIT-6 score can range from 36 to 78. A higher score indicates more disability due to headache.

The four categories of headache impact severity are:

  • little or no impact (49 or less)
  • some impact (50–55)
  • substantial impact (56–59)
  • severe impact (60–78)

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