The Assessment Book – Physiotutors Guide to Orthopedic Physical Assessment (Bulk Order)

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This e-book is an overview and a guideline combining our own clinical expertise, the latest research and the Physiotutors YouTube videos. It aims to provide the interested reader and followers on our various social media platforms with more in-depth background on research and statistical properties of all clinical tests that are covered on our YouTube channel, while providing a more structured overview for different areas of the body.

    • Currently in Version 4
    • 600+ Pages
    • Interactive Content (Watch videos, PubMed links)
    • Detailed Descriptions
    • Searchable
    • Free Lifetime Updates
    • and more!
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Ideal for a class of students or a clinic with multiple therapists.

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This e-book is designed to provide you as a physiotherapy student or practitioner with an extensive, but easy to use overview about basic assessment techniques and special tests that are being used in physiotherapeutic assessment, organized by body part.
 At the same time, we are providing you with the latest evidence regarding different orthopedic tests and we are giving advice about their usability in practice according to our Clinical Value Matrix, similar to what you might know from Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Our goal with this product is to make your life as a therapist or student as easy as possible. Therefore, all assessment techniques and special tests we cover are described in a few words, illustrated with a photo in starting and end position and more importantly: redirecting you directly to the respective video on our YouTube channel, so you can watch how it should be performed (by a click on the photo)! All references we provide are clickable and will direct you to the respective research paper on Pubmed.

At last, this e-book has to be seen as a work in progress. On the one hand, our YouTube channel Physiotutors is constantly growing as new videos are added each week and on the other hand, new research is published, which might impact the clinical value of the different orthopedic tests covered in this e-book.

Therefore, if you have bought this e-book, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification as soon as a new version is released!

We would have wished to have such an e-book ourselves when we started as students and we sincerely hope that you benefit from it as much as possible! Thanks for following us on social media and for your support by buying this e-book!

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