The Assessment Book: A Guide to Orthopedic Physical Assessment (Paperback)


WOOCS 2.2.3

Paperback Print Version of The Assessment Book

The book features the latest ortopedic assessment techniques across all body regions. Each assessment technique includes a custom QR-code that can be scanned to view a video demonstration of the assessment technique.

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This book is designed to provide you as a physiotherapy student or practitioner with an extensive, but easy to use overview about basic assessment techniques and special tests that are being used in physiotherapeutic assessment, organized by body part. At the same time, we are providing you with the latest evidence regarding different orthopedic tests and we are giving advice about their usability in practice according to our Clinical Value Matrix, similar to what you might know from Clinical Practice Guidelines.Our goal with this product is to make your life as a therapist or student as easy as possible. Therefore, all assessment techniques and special tests we cover are described in a few words, illustrated with a photo in starting and end position and more importantly: redirecting you directly to the respective video on our YouTube channel using the QR Codes, so you can watch how it should be performed.

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