Podcast|April 1, 2023

Plantar Heel Pain

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Plantar fasciitis, Plantar Fasciotpathy or Plantar heel pain?
02:41 Is it a tendinopathy?
03:33 The typical patient
04:40 Risk factors
07:13 Signs & Symptoms
09:05 Differential Diagnoses
10:10 Examination/Imaging & Testing
13:00 What about Heel spurs?
14:10 Prognosis
19:28 Isometrics for Plantar Heel Pain
22:04 Treatment Options
26:35 Load Management
28:15 Plyometrics/SSC Exercises
30:54 Henrik’s Closing Thoughts
32:00 Outro


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Henrik Riel

Henrik is a physiotherapist from Denmark and has obtained his PhD in the management of plantar heel pain. He is doing a post-doc fellowship at the university of Aalborg and he is an assistant professor at the physio department of the university of northern Denmark


In this episode we will talk about plantar heel pain etiology, the risk factors associated with it, Henrik’s approach to examination, imaging, and treatment. We will answer the question if there are prognostic factors for the condition, what mode of strength training is recommended and discuss the efficacy of adjunct treatment modalities for plantar fasciopathy. So make sure to listen to the entire episode.


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