Podcast|June 3, 2023

Lumbar Radicular Syndrome

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Definition of Lumbar Radicular Syndrome
02:57 Signs & Symptoms of Sciatica
06:12 Red Flags
14:14 Cauda Equina Pathway
19:20 Facet Joint Stenosis Differentiation
21:54 K.I.S.S.
22:30 Motor Control Exercises
24:45 Opinion on Piriformis Syndrome
30:20 Minor Neurogenic Dysfunctions
35:17 Treatment for LRS
38:55 Advice. Anything Else?
44:16 Clinical Decisionmaking
45:52 Adam’s closing thoughts
50:47 Encore – Stenosis
53:05 Outro


Dobson profile

Adam Dobson

He is a specialist triage & treat spinal physiotherapist for South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is the author of “Lumbar Radicular Syndromes – At a Glance” and actively shares his knowledge around radicular syndromes on his Twitter (@adamdobson123) and as guest on various podcasts.


In this episode we are joined by Adam Dobson to talk about all things lumbar radicular syndrome – from his definition of the condition to ruling out serious pathology and how he would manage patients with radicular syndrome. He also shares his personal experience with lumbar radicular syndrome.

We are very happy to have him on the microphone for this episode. Enjoy!


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