Podcast|July 1, 2023

Injury Prevention

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:00 Screening tests and injury prediction

00:05:10 Importance of screening tests in injury prevention and building athlete trust

00:13:14 Importance of Previous Injuries

00:17:47 Role of Technology and Social Support in Rehab

00:21:35 The Significance of Sleep in Injury Prevention

00:26:41 Understanding individual athlete risk factors

00:30:10 Importance of clinical reasoning and individualized treatment

00:38:08 Using mixed methods approach for injury prediction

00:41:09 Injury prediction vs risk estimation

00:44:32 Focus on performance and robustness

00:46:24 Importance of communication and empathy in physiotherapy


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Nicol van Dyk

Nicol van Dyk is a physiotherapist and clinical researcher currently occupying the role of Injury Surveillance and Medical Research Officer with the Irish Rugby Football Union in Dublin, Ireland. In 2018 Nicol completed his PhD in Health Sciences at Ghent University, Belgium titled “Risk factors for hamstring injuries in professional football players.” During this time Nicol was a physiotherapist at the Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital.


In this episode we are joined by Nicol van Dyk. We discuss injury prediction and screening tests, individual risk factors for athletes at risk of injury, the importance of clinical reasoning and individualized approaches as well as why it rains so much in the Netherlands….

This was a great episode to record and we hope you enjoy it.


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