Episode 36: Hip Pathologies

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Mehmet Gem

Mehmet is a physiotherapist & educator from the UK having specialised in MSK physiotherapy and more specifically the hip! Mehmet has worked with top athletes utilising an evidence based approach.


Hip Pathologies

This time we’re joined by hip specialist Mehmet Gem to discuss hip pathologies, how you’re going to assess patients in clinic and how you can, without further imaging begin to develop a picture of what might be going on in your patients hip to determine whether or not further action outside of physiotherapy alone is needed! We dive deep on FAI and Mehmet’s own experience there post op and discuss what he would do differently knowing what he knows now all these years later and the importance of a well structured loading program! That and much much more on this hip-centric episode of the Physiotutors Podcast – tune in to find out more!


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