Podcast|October 2, 2021

Episode 32: vestibular rehab

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Firat Kesgin

Firat holds a bachelor’s degree from HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands & a Master’s degree from the University of Brighton. His passion for vestibular rehab began with his internship at a dizziness & balance clinic in the US. The disorders & patients he saw fascinated him and from that moment he knew this was an area of physiotherapy he wanted to explore further. He worked in both in & outpatient clinics and was always the specialist for his colleagues. As of 2016 Firat is the founder and owner of the German Institute for Vestibular Rehabilitation (IVRT) & teaches postgraduate courses for physio’s across Europe.


Vestibular rehab!

On this episode of the podcast we talk with Vestibular Rehabilitation specialist Firat Kesgin about the intricacies of vestibular rehab, and just how complex it can be, what the effects are if a patient is misdiagnosed and then continue down the “wrong” pathways, as well as what you can do to help aid and guide their rehab. If you’ve listened to our podcasts on concussions you will know just how pivotal an early diagnosis of a vestibular issue can be and when left unchecked and untreated how devastating the results can be! Tune in to find out more! Firat is also the man behind our giant mega-course, published recently on this topic. Check it out! Let us know your thoughts!


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