Podcast|July 18, 2021

Episode 29: Respiratory Physio & Covid 19

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Pat Camp

Dr. Pat Camp is a respiratory rehabilitation specialist physical therapist having worked with chronic lung disease patients since the 1990’s and has been actively involved in research for well over a decade. In addition to her own research, Pat hosts her own podcast (LungFit) on pulmonary rehabilitation where she discusses the latest research topics and applications to practise.


Respiratory rehab & Covid-19

In this episode of the podcast I get to speak with Pat Camp – a respiratory rehabilitation specialist and researcher with around 3 decades experience as a physiotherapist & over a decades experience in research for respiratory physiotherapy. Pat is also the host of the LungFit podcast where she discusses the latest in pulmonary rehabilitation. We speak about respiratory rehabilitation in chronic patients as well as addressing the elephant in the room that is Covid 19. We talk about structuring your rehab plan with chronic patients, how you can build with those patients and talk about what aspects from other lung diseases we may be able to carry over into Covid-19 rehab keeping in mind just how little is still known with regards to long term issues.
Whilst we do discuss Covid 19 patients and I myself have seen a few covid recovered patients – both myself and Pat want to make note that this was recorded early in 2021 whilst not a lot of information was available for post-covid rehabilitation however we hope that you still have some take away moments from that aspect of the podcast!


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