Episode 28: Central Sensitization in a nut shell

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Jo Nijs

Jo Nijs is a specialist in central sensitization who, along with the research group Pain In Motion of which he is one of the leading members, taking his research both directly into clinical practise and back into education as an international lecturer and professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. That said however Jo doesn’t just solely work in central sensitization or, chronic pain, he also treats whiplash & pain during and after cancer treatment.


Central Sensitization in a nutshell

Today I’m speaking with the man behind the newest online course Central Sensitization – Jo Nijs – member of the famed Pain In Motion research group. We talk about central sensitization – the pillars behind the approach that the PIM group utilise, wider aspects of research and environmental aspects that can influence the pain response and recovery such as diet and sleep and how you can take that directly into practise along side your graded exercise/exposure program.


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