Podcast|August 5, 2023

Cervicogenic Dizziness

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Julia Treleaven

Julia is a Lecturer and a Senior Researcher in the Whiplash and Neck Pain Research Unit at the University of Queensland. In 2004 she completed her PhD focusing on the necks influence on dizziness, head and eye movement control and postural stability in whiplash injuries. Since then she has continued her research in this area and has published many articles we’ve enjoyed reading.


This episode of the Physiotutors podcast features Julia Treleaven, a researcher and physiotherapist, who discusses cervicogenic dizziness and its diagnosis. We delve into the condition’s pathophysiology and prevalence in patients with chronic neck pain. We also discuss red flags to watch for during patient history taking and differentiating cervicogenic dizziness from other forms of dizziness. The episode covers functional tests used to assess balance and motor control and treatment options, including sensory-motor exercises, manual therapy, and posture correction. The discussion emphasizes the importance of focusing on the neck’s role in such cases rather than just diagnosing the condition.


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