Who am I?

Great question! For a start, I was born in '92 in Germany where I also lived until 2012 before I moved to Amsterdam to pursue my studies in Physiotherapy. I have an affinity for the USA where I spent 8 months during my time in highschool. Other than that I love going to the gym, eat good food and play with tech gadgets. If you want to know more about me, you can just click the social icons under my photo to find out more about me and what I am up to ?

Why did I want to become a physiotherapist?

Because I want to have a meaningful impact on someone else's life and realized that Physiotherapy can offer that. But the desire to have a positive impact on someone else goes beyond the patient-therapist relationship and is also why I enjoy Physiotutors so incredibly much. Getting messages from people all over the world telling us that we have impacted their study and/or early working career means so much to me.

Where do I see myself in the future?

Building Physiotutors into the number one platform for physiotherapy students & practitioners on the internet and possibly expanding into "offline" academies for students to gain hands-on tutoring during their studies.

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