Physiotherapy is our passion and we love our profession. What drives us is to support you in your learning process, to become your guide, helping hand, partner, colleague, base of trust and possibly friend during your physio education and throughout your career.  Our ambition is to make your life as a physio student or practitioner as easy as possible! We are inspired by our belief that we can contribute to a better physiotherapeutic education all over the world - especially in countries in which people don't have access to high-quality education or where they cannot afford it. Every student we can reach counts! We truly care about your progress and want to be involved in your journey, also because through your challenges, questions and feedback in turn, we can improve and become better physios, teachers and entrepreneurs ourselves. Let's grow together! Your Physiotutors


Our mission is to offer you as a physiotherapy student or practitioner a consistent and reliable high-quality source for educational physiotherapy content of a wide variety ranging from online courses, books, mobile apps, videos and evidence from the latest research articles for your practice or studies allowing you to study at your own pace, anywhere in the world. The study of physiotherapy is beautiful, but can be overwhelming and frustrating at times when you have to learn everything about anatomy, physiology, orthopedic assessment and more in a very short time. It's one thing to deal with the huge study load and another not to forget everything straight after the exam or after you have completed your studies. This is exactly the problem we experienced as students and more so as tutors for a group of freshmen. It's probably even hard to stay up to date with the latest evidence as a practicing therapist with a 40 hour work week. Our solution: Since end of 2012 we are providing you with high-quality educational videos, online courses, books, mobile apps and important evidence-based research outcomes in the world of physiotherapy. We are present on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instragram and Twitter in order to assist you on the platform that suits you best! And did you know that research has proven that healthcare students, who use e-learning in addition to their regular classes, outperform their classmates? Watch the presentation of our Bachelor thesis or read the whole paper right here! So ask yourself: Wouldn't you wish to have a source, which you can access comfortably from home or anywhere else? A platform that simplifies complicated topics and that makes your life as a student or practitioner as easy as it could possibly get? Our mission is to give you exactly that! So don't hesitate to subscribe to our various social media platforms and to get in touch with us! We are grateful for every subscriber and happy to hear from you!


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