Who am I?

I am Andreas Heck and I was born in Germany in 1992. I went to a german-french bilingual school where I graduated in 2012.  I am the tech & film guy here at Physiotutors and one of the hosts in our videos.  In my free time I greatly enjoy doing sports like fitness and recreational soccer, film and photography, gadgets and tech.

Why do I want to become a physiotherapist?

During my time at Burgau-Gymnasium Düren I had the chance to spend a semester abroad in the USA. That’s when I formed the plans of becoming a physiotherapist. My initial goal was to start my undergraduate studies in physiotherapy at Northeastern University in Boston. I eventually got into the program but had to decline due to the financial hurdle. That’s when I learned about the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP), which could offer me a similar curriculum. They actually started off as the American School of  Physiotherapy read more here .
Before I started, I did a 3-months long internship on an orthopedic ward of a local hospital to learn more about my abilities to work with people who rely on my help. As I (luckily) have never had a serious injury that required physiotherapeutical care , I did not have any experience with a physiotherapist apart from a 2 week internship I did in highschool. During my 3 months on the orthopedic ward, where I had worked as a male nurse, I experienced the gratitude of people who relied on my help, which was a great experience. I also saw how the physiotherapists worked with the patients and I wanted to do the same.
Overall, the internship was a success and I could confidently start with my studies.
Throughout the internships I did in Switzerland and Amsterdam during my time in the ESP, my choice to become a physiotherapist was supported even more. It was amazing to see the joy and relief in a patient who feels better after your treatment.

Where do I see myself in the future?

Building Physiotutors into the number one platform for physiotherapy students & practitioners on the internet and possibly expanding into "offline" academies for students to gain hands-on tutoring during their studies.

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