Who am I?

Great question! For a start, I was born in '92 in Germany where I also lived until 2012 when I moved to Amsterdam to pursue my studies in Physiotherapy. I have an affinity for the USA where I spent 8 months during my time in highschool. Other than that I love going to the gym, eat good food and play with tech gadgets. If you want to know more about me, you can just click the social icons under my photo to find out more about me and what I am up to 😊

Why did I want to become a physiotherapist?

During my time at Burgau-Gymnasium Düren I had the chance to spend a semester abroad in the USA. That’s when I formed the plans of becoming a physiotherapist. My initial goal was to start my undergraduate studies in physiotherapy at Northeastern University in Boston. I eventually got into the program but had to decline due to the financial hurdle. That’s when I learned about the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP), which could offer me a similar curriculum. They actually started off as the American School of  Physiotherapy read more here .
Before I started, I did a 3-months long internship on an orthopedic ward of a local hospital to learn more about my abilities to work with people who rely on my help. As I (luckily) have never had a serious injury that required physiotherapeutical care , I did not have any experience with a physiotherapist apart from a 2 week internship I did in highschool. During my 3 months on the orthopedic ward, where I had worked as a male nurse, I experienced the gratitude of people who relied on my help, which was a great experience. I also saw how the physiotherapists worked with the patients and I wanted to do the same.
Overall, the internship was a success and I could confidently start with my studies.
Throughout the internships I did in Switzerland and Amsterdam during my time at the ESP, my choice to become a physiotherapist was supported even more. It was amazing to see the joy and relief in a patient who feels better after your treatment.

Where do I see myself in the future?

Building Physiotutors into the number one platform for physiotherapy students & practitioners on the internet and possibly expanding into "offline" academies for students to gain hands-on tutoring during their studies.

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