The Manual Therapy App (iOS and Android)

€ 39,90

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  • Over 150 mobilization and manipulation techniques for the musculoskeletal system
  • Fundamental theory and screening tests included
  • The perfect app for anyone becoming a MT


The Manual Therapy App by Physiotutors houses over 150 mobilization and manipulation techniques for the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore you’ll find info on screening tests for the vascular system and ligamentous integrity.

Learn about how manual therapy actually works and how your manual therapy skills can be useful in your treatment plan.

The manipulation techniques have been exclusively produced for this app and aren’t available anywhere else.

This app is a handy companion for anyone enrolled in professional training to become a manual therapist, orthopaedic specialist, or physiotherapist.

Hundreds of OMT techniques in your pocket...



Content-wise the app is mature and won’t receive additional content updates. However the app will be updated to work with future versions of iOS and Android

No. This App is no substitute to formal training and should only be used as an adjunct to a formal education/study.

This is a one-time payment and all future updates are free of charge. They will be downloaded automatically once the app is started.

You can use the app on all of your iOS devices/Android devices if you are logged in on those devices with your Apple ID or Gmail account.
If you buy  a new phone, but still have the same account, you will be able to transfer access to the app.

As Apple and Google are competing companies and they are 100% responsible for the sale, there is no option to transfer access to the app.
So if you bought the app on Android you will not have access to it on your iOS device and vice versa. We don’t have any influence on this issue.

Yes, in the App Store we offer the Assessment App and Manual Therapy App as a bundle for €60 instead of €40. The Google Play Store unfortunately doesn’t offer this option.

Yes, please get in touch with Apple via the App Store and Google via the Google Play Store where you can request a refund within 48 hours after your purchase.
We don’t have any influence on refunds.

Yes, you do need a working internet connection to use the app. The reason being is that the app would have ended up using several GBs of disk space on your phone if the videos were downloaded locally. 

No, the videos in the app are streamed via YouTube/Vimeo and downloading is not possible.

Yes. All manipulation techniques are exclusive to the app and are not available elsewhere.

All of our Apps are enrolled in Apple’s Volume Purchase Programs (VPP) which means that an institution can purchase the apps with 50% discount when 20 or more units are being purchased. This can be handy for large clinics/hospitals or universities.

Unfortunately Google does not offer such a program.


Gregorios Vargas Arreola
The Manual Therapy App Thank you very much!!! It is very helpful!!!
Maik Hoppe Avatar
Maik Hoppe
The Manual Therapy App Great app and what a wonderful job from the development team. In my opinion, this app is a must for every manual therapist.
Crayla Avatar
The Manual Therapy App Well worth it!!! These guys are great. I’ve been watching their YouTube videos for a while now to help with school, but this app (along with their other app) has SO MUCH more to offer. The exercises are explained articulately, clearly demonstrated, and beautifully visualized. Not only do I trust the quality of their work, I actually **enjoy** browsing these videos, which makes practicing them fun, too. Recommending this app to all my classmates, despite selfishly wanting to keep this secret tool all to myself
Ivis Danai Garcia
The Manual Therapy App Excellent
Marcus Francisco Avatar
Marcus Francisco
The Manual Therapy App Love it! Thank you!
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