The Assessment App (iOS and Android)

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  • Over 300 orthopedic physical assessment tests
  • Statistics, basic assessments, and screening tests included
  • Direct links to PubMed references
  • Concise test descriptions
  • Video demonstration
  • Easy search & favorites function


The app is designed to provide you as a physiotherapy student or practitioner with an extensive, but easy to use overview about basic assessment techniques and special tests that are being used in physiotherapeutic assessment, organized by body part. At the same time, we are providing you with the latest evidence regarding different orthopedic tests and we are giving advice about their usability in practice according to our Clinical Value Matrix, similar to what you might know from Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Our goal with the app is to make your life as a therapist or student as easy as possible. Therefore, all assessment techniques and special tests we cover are described in a few words plus you can watch the respective video on our YouTube channel from within the app to learn how the assessment should be performed!

All references we provide are clickable and will direct you to the respective research paper on Pubmed.

At last, the app has to be seen as a work in progress. On the one hand, our YouTube channel Physiotutors is constantly growing as new videos are added each week and on the other hand, new research is published, which might impact the clinical value of the different orthopedic tests covered in this app.

Therefore, we will add new releases on a regular basis and the app will grow as time progresses!

We would have wished to have such an app ourselves when we started as students and we sincerely hope that you benefit from it as much as possible! Thanks for following us on social media and for your support by buying our app!

More than 300 orthopedic special tests in your pocket...



Yes, we usually publish one big update per year. In the about section at the bottom you can see which version of the content you’re on and which changes were implemented.
P.S. In the App Store and Google Play Store it will only show the release of the app itself and not a new version. This is because the app doesn’t change, but the content does.

Content-wise they don’t differ much as the app is derived from the content of the book
A basic difference is that you get 2 licenses if you buy the book and 1 license for the app, so you are limited to your Android or iOS device(s) with the app. The app on android is not transferrable to an iPhone and vice versa as Google and Apple are competing companies obviously. Google and Apple also completely control the sales process, so we are not able to grant refunds ourselves for example.

We generally find that it’s dependent on which user scenario applies to you:
1) If you rather prefer studying on a big screen attached to a laptop or desktop computer and have no limitations on to what device you would like to install the book on (max. of 2, but mobile devices included) then you should go for the book. In case you buy a new device (laptop or phone), you can also remove the authorization on your old device and we can reset your code for you so you always have 2 active authorizations. We find that the book also looks decent on mobile devices but is not as neat and user-friendly as the app.

2) If you’d rather have a quick reference tool in practice or during discussions in a beautiful design, then the app is better for you.

If you want the best of both worlds you should obviously get both. To save some money an option would be to share the book with a friend (due to the 2 licences) or you can try to get the app via your educational education (if you are still a student) as Apple offers a 50% discount to educational institutions if they place a bulk offer of 20+ items.

This is a one-time payment and all future updates are free of charge. They will be downloaded automatically once the app is started.

You can use the app on all of your iOS devices/Android devices if you are logged in on those devices with your Apple ID or Gmail account.
If you buy  a new phone, but still have the same account, you will be able to transfer access to the app.

Yes, you can. The app is optimized for phone and tablet.

As Apple and Google are competing companies and they are 100% responsible for the sale, there is no option to transfer access to the app.
So if you bought the app on Android you will not have access to it on your iOS device and vice versa. We don’t have any influence on this issue.

Yes, in the App Store we offer the Assessment App and Manual Therapy App as a bundle for €60 instead of €40. The Google Play Store unfortunately doesn’t offer this option.

Yes, please get in touch with Apple via the App Store and Google via the Google Play Store where you can request a refund within 48 hours after your purchase.
We don’t have any influence on refunds.

Yes, you do need a working internet connection to use the app. The reason being is that the app would have ended up using several GBs of disk space on your phone if the videos were downloaded locally. 

No, the videos in the app are streamed via YouTube/Vimeo and downloading is not possible.

No, we thought about limiting public access on YouTube, but decided against it.
So why buy the app then? There are many reasons:
1. Much better overview: We have shot several hundreds of videos and the app is so much easier to navigate
2. Favorites: You have the option to save favorites in the app in case you need to practice/perform certain tests regularly
3. Much quicker: If you want to use the app at uni or in practice, you can access the videos and instructions so much easier and quicker
4. Extra info: You will get all statistical details, written instructions, link to pubmed and clinical value recommendation in one overview, which
is scattered on YouTube
5. Up to date: The app contains the latest updates on clinical values that we cannot provide on videos we already shot and uploaded to YouTube.
On YouTube you will also see that some videos are old and outdated

All of our Apps are enrolled in Apple’s Volume Purchase Programs (VPP) which means that an institution can purchase the apps with 50% discount when 20 or more units are being purchased. This can be handy for large clinics/hospitals or universities.

Unfortunately Google does not offer such a program.


  • Timsal9

    It would be 5 stars if it was up to date I love this app. I’ve had it for several years. I used it when I was a student and now I use to help teach my students on clinical. The only problem is, it is rarely updated, making me need to go use YouTube anyway. I also like their manual therapy app as well.

    Reply: Hi Timsal, thank you for your feedback! The app content is updated at least once a year and has been updated 5 times now since we brought it on the market in 2019. It includes nearly all assessment basics and special tests, so there are maybe a handful of videos on YouTube that have not made its way into the app yet. What might be confusing is that you see the app version that was last updated in 2020. This has nothing to do with the content, but more with the app as a program itself. - 10/08/21 

    Gregorios Vargas Arreola AvatarGregorios Vargas Arreola

    The Assessment App I just want to say... THANK YOU VERY MUCH PHYSIO TUTORS!!! - 05/08/21 

    Do S AvatarDo S

    The Assessment App Excellent, always updated. Very useful for quick consultations from your smartphone or tablet! - 21/07/21 

    kamiarghk Avatarkamiarghk

    The Assessment App Very functional

    This app saved my ass so many times! Hats off to these two and the team behind them! - 23/04/21 

    Babak Homayoon AvatarBabak Homayoon

    Assessment App I have learned so much from these guys' YouTube videos for free so when I realized they had an app, I bought it as a way of giving back (the price I paid does not nearly equate to how much I've gained from them). Having said that I find the app is a great refresher. I'm a Sports Medicine physician in Canada and I often do quick reviews on the app before going in and seeing patients, especially if it's a rare presentation (ie. Tarsal tunnel syndrome). Keep up the great work physiotutors! - 19/04/21 

  • Timothy Rogers AvatarTimothy Rogers

    Assessment App Great videos .... could you do the same but with pathologies next please - 23/02/21 

    요르77 Avatar요르77

    The Assessment App I buy bundle package

    can I use this with both iphone and ipad? I download both but got double bills so I refund one . so now I have one in ipad now. - 22/11/20 

    Crayla AvatarCrayla

    The Assessment App Intern survival guide

    Wanna survive clinic? Wanna thrive in clinic?! Wanna feel like you have some idea what you’re doing? Wanna look less like an idiot? Look no further! Orthos can get confusing, especially with all the random names... so when I searched “Adson’s test” on YouTube for the hundredth time, rewatched these guys’ video yet again, and saw that they had an APP, I immediately downloaded it. (Ok Sure I had some hesitation bc of the price, and I’m a stingy poor student...) IT IS WELL WORTH IT. Suspect subacromial pain syndrome? There it is.. empty can, Hawkins kennedy, neer, you name it, all laid out nice and neat in this app. Have absolutely no clue where to start? Screening tests, BOOM! Want to know the clinical value of that one test, because it was positive and you’re starting to jump to conclusions? Sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios, they’re all there. Pair this with their manual therapy app and I’m telling you, it’s easily worth the $. Thanks guys! - 31/10/20 

    elsiomasito Avatarelsiomasito

    The Assessment App Both apps are amazing! This really helps me with my patients! - 29/09/20 

    Sebastian Simler AvatarSebastian Simler

    Assessment App So far I can tell the app is nicely put together and quite handy. I'm missing some features but the app is work in progress so I'm looking forward to what new it will bring for us. - 18/09/20 

  • Melanie Waldron AvatarMelanie Waldron

    Assessment App Excellent app. Physiotutors helped me get through school for massage therapy. They explain things very well - 30/07/20 

    D Kremer AvatarD Kremer

    The Assessment App I downloaded this app, and it is really handy. But it does not give extra information in comparison with the videos and information on their YouTube account (where I first viewed their videos to learn), that was a little disappointing. - 26/05/20 

    Marcus Francisco AvatarMarcus Francisco

    Assessment App Exceptional app. Very happy to support your work. Thank you. - 06/05/20 

    PhysioCore Health & Fitness Studio

    The Assessment App Phenomenal. - 18/04/20 

    Paintballguy777 AvatarPaintballguy777

    The Assessment App Well organized
    This is a great way to have the assessments and special tests all in one place and organized. - 29/03/20 

  • Bghytre

    The Assessment App Great app!
    Very useful learning tool - 20/12/19 


    Simply the best - 17/12/19 


    The Assessment App Génial
    Excellente application où les kinésithérapeutes se basent sur des articles pour construire leurs contenus. Je recommande - 07/11/19 


    Assessment App Super App! Een hele fijne, up-to-date app, die je helpt bij je diagnostiek in de fysiotherapie. De app wordt regelmatig bijgewerkt zodat je volgens de laatste ontwikkelingen en de meest recente artikelen kan werken. Heel fijn! Ik raad deze app bij iedereen aan! - 27/07/19 

    Michael Sparkman's AvatarMichael Sparkman's

    Assessment App Great for new graduates. - 08/04/19 

  • Detroit Quinto AvatarDetroit Quinto

    Assessment App Best app to learn PT special test. - 07/03/19 


    Assessment App Fantastic app! You guys helped me a lot (and still do)! - 25/12/18 

    Panos Mix AvatarPanos Mix

    Assessment App Very good! Here you can find quickly and efficiently many of the special tests used in msk physiotherapy assessment. You can also find information about statistics, clinical values and much more. You shouldn't forget that this is a mobile app, not a substitute of any course and that's how it should be valuated. I bought this app mainly to support physio tutors, but it turned out to be actually very useful indeed. The price is fair in my opinion and it delivers more than expected. Thanks guys for your work! - 03/12/18 

    Michael Vogl

    Assessment App It's solid foundational information being updated constantly. Just buy it. - 09/11/18 


    The Assessment App Really amazing app! Really happy with the app - 08/11/18 

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    The Assessment App Really amazing app
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    The Assessment App Really wonderful tool for rehabilitation practice, only the problem is without internet we cannot access , great job, - 24/09/18 

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    Brandnuguy AvatarBrandnuguy

    The Assessment App Excellent app!
    I loved the YouTube videos from Physiotutors and now with this app not only do I have quick access to them but they are organized in a way that makes basic assessments a breeze! Thanks guys! - 28/05/18 

  • Joe112487390 AvatarJoe112487390

    The Assessment App AWESOME
    What a great app. Seriously awesome for learning special tests and diagnosis. Love the work guys!! - 26/01/18 

    Mike SOMT AvatarMike SOMT

    The Assessment App Great guys/colleagues/friends/ study mates Kai Sigel Andreas Heck 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟 Ebook & app - 17/01/18