Ligamys ACL Reconstruction

Ever ruptured your ACL or know someone who has?
You might wanna check out following article if you are so unlucky to experience an ACL tear in the future…
ACL ruptures are amongst the most common injuries in sports and the recovery usually takes 9 month and for the surgery usually a tendon graft from the semitendinosus or the patellar tendon is used to form the new ACL.12144660_1695440740690132_1473572885595141974_n
During my internship at Slotervaartziekenhuis in Amsterdam I was allowed to follow a new surgery technique with a so-called ligamys implant (a polyethylene thread) which establishes a dynamic connection between the femur and the tibia, thus relieving the ruptured ACL which is sutured and given time for recovery.
The advantages are that no tendon graft is needed thus no removal trauma at the graft site is experienced, the proprioception in the knee can be restored as the sensory nerve fibers can heal as well and recovery time is reduced to 6 months.
The only difference is that this surgery can only be performed within the first 21 days after the rupture before the torn ligament shrinks and cannot be sutured anymore!
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or read about the first trials that have been conducted on the success rate of this surgery:

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