Lab Class 7

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lab class:

  • You will be able to palpate the important bony landmarks around the hip joint

Basic Assessment of the Hip (continued)

Welcome to Lab Class 7!

In this labclass you will continue the assessment of the hip joint. One modality in orthopedic physical assessment is palpation. You can gather information on the soft tissue properties (temparature, tension, etc.) and pain provocation. Identifying bony landmarks helps locating muscles from their attachment points. 


1) It turns out that Tom has a tight tensor fasciae latae on his right side, as well as weak abductors on the same side.
Design a stretching routine for the tensor fasciae latae and a strengthening routine for the hip abductors.

Post your results in the Google Drive and practice your findings with a partner!

Preparation for next week:

  • Research the normative ROM for the knee joint and practice ROM assessment with a fellow student
  • Which structures could limit Flexion/extension?