Lab Class 4

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lab class:

  • You will be able to list the different phases of the gait cycle and conduct a basic gait analysis

Gait Analysis

Welcome to lab class 4!

In this week, you are going to learn about the gait cycle and gait analysis.

Gait analysis or assessment is usually part of functional assessment and it is performed if your patient reported problems with walking during patient history-taking.
If your patient history-taking was thorough, you have also graded the activity "Walking" with the PSC (Patient-specific complaint) scale from 0 - 10.
Like in observation, you are analyzing your patient from head to toe. A useful tool to structure your gait analysis is the Njjmegen Gait Analyis form
that you can download on the right.

Now let's learn about the several phases of the gait cycle and how gait analysis could be performed according to the Nijmegen Gait Analysis Form (NGAF):



1) Take a classmate as a patient, print out the Nijmegen Gait Analyis form and fill it in. It can be helpful to use a treadmill at school and to record your classmate's gait with your smartphone or camera.
Can you name the different phases of the gait cycle? Share your video in the Google Drive.

2) As you're learning more about anatomy discuss which muscles are active during each phase of the gait cycle.

Preparation for next week:

1) Get together with a fellow student and observe Range of Motion for the hip joint. Which movements are possible in the hip joint and how would you go about testing for active & passive range of motion?

2) Explore ways to test for strength in the lower extremity.