We often receive messages from people worldwide about which books we would recommend to a student. Therefore, we have created this section dedicated to listing literature that has had the biggest impact on our professional and personal development. Please share your recommendations with us by reaching out to us on social media or email. The links are at the bottom of the page!


Explain Pain

At the beginning of our studies, Andreas made the rookie mistake of buying EVERY book on the list of recommended literature. Amongst others, this book was on the list. Going unnoticed for the first half of our studies seeing this book on his bookshelf during the second clinical rotation was like finding a diamond. This is the book about pain. It's written in a way that a patient can understand what pain is, where it comes from and why they might be in pain. It's cool to know about neurotags, substance p, spinal tracts etc but ultimately you should be able to explain all of it in simple words to your patient. We highly recommend this book if you want to learn about pain.

Strength Training & Coordination

Een heel fijn boek welke zeker mijn kijk op kracht- en cöordinatietraining enorm heeft veranderd in positieve zin. De achterliggende theorie wordt goed uitgelegd en opgevolgd door een vertaling naar de praktijk. Het boek heeft veel praktische en bruikbare voorbeelden van oefeningen welke direct goed toe te passen zijn in de trainingen. Het boek was voor mij echt een eye-opener en is eigenlijk onmisbaar voor iedereen die sport-specifiek met zijn patiënten traint!

Atlas of Anatomy

This is a no brainer! The Thieme Atlas of anatomy. Some people prefer Sobotta or others but we love the Thieme Atlas. This must be the book we have opened the most because you can never know enough about anatomy. To this day it serves us great in recapping on anatomy. Despite there being online tools, we highly recommend you to get a good atlas! The illustrations are clear and they include common injuries to the structures depicted.