Book FAQ

Can I use the book on an Phone or Tablet (iOS & Android)?

Yes you can. Click here for a tutorial (shown for iPhone) which should work the same for Android

Javelin doesn’t open on my Mac/Macbook!

Javelin is probably open but it launches without creating a window. Please refer to the installation video for Mac here: Installation on Mac OSX

How often can I activate the book?

You can activate the book on 2 devices of your choice

What happens when I get a new computer?

Please contact us at  and we can reset your code, so you can activate the code on 2 new devices of your choice.

I lost my activation code/deleted the order confirmation email

Please contact us at . We can look up what your activation code was

Can I print the book?

No, printing is disabled for the book. Also, you will lose all functionality that the digital copy offers.
CAUTION: When trying to print, DO NOT CLICK “OK” on the pop-up window as you will have to re-activate your document. Javelin thinks you will re-activate the document with printing-permission.


It says authorization code already used

This means that you have activated the maximum amount of devices (2) with your code. Get in touch with us via  and we can reset your code, so you can activate the code on 2 new devices of your choice.

I can’t open the book because it says webclipper active

The configuration of our book does not allow screencapturing and any such active tools will prevent the .drmz file to be opened. Make sure no such tools are running while you are using the book. Check your Taskmanager or Process monitor and AutoStart if any such tools are active. Evernote and Microsoft OneNote can also cause the same problems

Will I get free updates?

Yes, you will get an email once we publish an updated version of the book free of charge