We have a new author: Meet Lise

Hi guys!

My name is Lise and I am a physiotherapist from the Netherlands who loves food, traveling, sports and her job! Besides my work as a “general” physiotherapist, I have specialized myself as a Lymphedema therapist and in summer 2018, I will get my Master’s degree in Geriatric Physical Therapy.

Currently I work in primary and secondary care sectors, where the main goal is to help rehabilitate elderly and patients with complex multi pathology so that they can return and/or stay at home with the highest possible quality of life.

Early on, I developed a passion of working with the elderly. Some might find this population least attractive to work with, but not me! I find the puzzle surrounding a complex elderly patient with multi pathology very intriguing and challenging. It keeps me sharp!

In my blogs I plan to write about my everyday practice with the focus on the elderly, complex multi pathology and patients with edema. When you look at the ICF-classification, I mostly treat my patient population more on activity- and participation level and a little less on impairment level.
In addition to the fact that the musculoskeletal system is very important in our profession, a physiotherapist is the expert of the moving body. Where the musculoskeletal system deteriorates when we get older, the maintenance of functional mobility and activities is all the more important. This, of course, applies not only to the elderly, but also to other vulnerable patients with, for example, stroke, m. Parkinson’s disease, dementia and oncological background.
Therefore, instead of locating for example that one muscle or joint ache, in my work I must look at the whole (support) system of my patients.

I hope to take you along with me and to get you inspired about working with these vulnerable and complex patients.

If you have any feedback, questions or other comments, you can always send me a message!

Instagram: @liseboemel