Adductor Strains

Muscle strains of the adductors are one of the most common injuries in sports that involve fast turns and acceleration and deceleration, thus they commonly occur in one of the ball sports.
During my own soccer career I’ve been having trouble with repetitive adductor injuries, which I couldn’t overcome with just taking a break for a couple of weeks and then slowly building up my regular training.

In the prospective cohort study of Tyler et al (2001) 47 ice hockey players were examined pre-season regarding their adductor and abductor strength, as well as their adductor flexibility.
When they were re-examined post season, it turned out that a player was 17 times more likely to sustain an adductor muscle strain if his adductor strength was less than 80% of his abductor strength. So you may wanna keep an eye on this ratio, if you are having troubles yourself.


Here’s the link to the article:
And another one of Tyler et al that proves that pre-season adductor strengthening exercises could reduce adductor strains:

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