Our BSc. thesis is done!

Sunday night we submitted our BSc. Thesis plus project! A little earlier than the deadline which was set for today. We are pretty happy with the results and definitely feel a bit relieved. It’s been a great project with some (up* AND down*) OR (laugh* AND cry*), we guess everyone experiences in 936617_1719129108321295_8449662389414664378_nscientific research ?

The thesis assess the literature on evidence regarding blended-learning vs. traditional teaching. It also outlines how findings on learning types and instructional design have affected the construction of the ESP-Zone here on the site. Once we have final results, we will publish the paper here so stay tuned!

Now we hope for a good grade and wish the same to all of our classmates!!!
We are both returning to Amsterdam this week to finish some other projects before heading off for our last internships in February.
See you soon!

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