10 Things We All Hate

Here’s a little gem from Carolin which will make you smirk. Reader discretion is advised ?


Physiotherapist’s everyday life stories


Physiotherapists experience lot of funny and crazy moments in their everyday life.

I decided to write a short sarcastic article about the best ones.

1. When patients think you are a psychologist

Physiotherapists are not educated in Psychology. But taking serious psychological issues to the physio seems to be more acceptable by society than consulting a psychologist. “But I’m not crazy!”

(Not accepted before, during or after treatment!)






2. “You’re a Physiotherapist, right? Could take a look at …..” – “NOOOO!!”

People often think a diagnosis can be made over Facebook. No diagnosis before you haven’t taken your pants off and definitely not in our free time!

Come to the clinic, we will take the time for you!






3.“… and innnn…aaand out”

Patients often stop breathing – for whatever reason…






4. “Did you go to school for this?” – “No, I am studying economics and just wanted to try something new.”

Yes, I learned that stuff. After three years of apprenticeship I know every muscle, know everything about neurology, physiology and pathology just to help YOU!

Why do patients ask that? That’s not how you do small talk.



5. Labeling us as a professional sadist

If we felt bad for you all the time, therapy wouldn’t be as effective as it is.
It’s okay if it’s hard, arduous and painful. You’ll feel better in a minute.






6. To clarify once and for all: No, our hands are not hurting in the evening.


7. Maybe it’s just a German problem, but the prescriptions are often wrong and patients need to go back to the doctor (without a prescription it’s not allowed to get treatment).

Yes, it’s unfortunate for you and even for us. It takes up time we both don’t have. Most of the patients are mobile and are able to go to the doctor on their own. For those who are not that mobile, we still gladly make a detour after work!






8. No time for their HEP.

During therapy they recognize how effective and easy some exercises are – most of the times not even arduous. And then five minutes a day for your HEP is too much to ask?! Come on…. No one believes that. Not even the patients.

Dear patients, being honest will take both of us a long way.

Maybe we can find some exercises that you’ll enjoy doing.





9. Every time a pilot goes on strike for a raise, a physio suffers from dyspnea due to hysterical laughter.






10. “Do you feel the tightness?”

No, luckily it’s not possible to feel that. But it’s possible to feel that you are not training your muscles and that all I feel is fat and bone. We are even able to feel that you are not moving.








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