About Kai

Who am I?

I am Kai Sigel and I was born (1985) and raised near Stuttgart in the south of Germany. My focus with Physiotutors lies more on the content side of the videos and I am always trying to make sure that we include the latest research as well as statistical data. Alongside Andreas I fill the role behind and in front of the camera. In my free time I love going to the gym and I go for a run every once in a while. I basically enjoy every ball sport, especially soccer. If I’m not involved in sports, I like to play the guitar or to just read a good book.

Why do I want to become a physiotherapist?

After graduating from German high school in 2005, I studied Business Information Systems at the Corporate State University in Stuttgart. After working for a big company in Germany for 3 years as an E-Procurement project manager, I decided to quit my office job, to go travelling for a year and to follow my passion: physiotherapy.
This passion started due to the fact that I’ve always been interested about health and crazy about sports. During my career as a high-level amateur soccer player I was injured a couple of times and could witness the great work that the physiotherapists did in order to get me back on the pitch again.
My studies at the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP) in Amsterdam proved to be a good choice as I am still as enthusiastic about physiotherapy like on day one.
Therefore, I am trying to share this enthusiasm as well as the knowledge I have gained in the last four years of my education with you through Physiotutors!

Where do I see myself in the future?

Firstly, I will try to round up my undergraduate physiotherapy studies this summer with cum laude. I’d very much like to stay in Amsterdam and to gain some working experience (preferably in a private practice) before I am going to do my Master’s degree in manual therapy from september 2016 on. Of course I will continue with our project Physiotutors and would love see it grow in to the best physiotherapy channel on YouTube.

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